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The Millionaire Master Plan Quotes

“Every one of us has a genius inside us. Once we realize it, we find our own internal guidance system.”

The Millionaire Master Plan

“Flow is not just about what you hold on to; it is also about what you let go of.”

The Millionaire Master Plan

“I knew I needed a different and quicker path to success. So I decided to quit college to find it.”

The Millionaire Master Plan

“If I’m going to design buildings, it won’t be as an architect. It will be as the person who owns the property and has the money to hire the best architects.”

The Millionaire Master Plan

“We are all born great at something, but as we grow up, we find out all the things that we aren’t so good at. So we spend our lives feeling bad about those things, working on our natural weaknesses while we take our natural strengths for granted.

This truth is no more tragic than in a school of children, where every child has a different genius, but when they are all judged by the same test, many lose their confidence and with it their desire to learn. Why try to be something else when you are already naturally you — you are enough!”

The Millionaire Master Plan

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