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Who is Roman Polanski?

Polish director Roman Polanski is known for great films including the Oscar winning crime movie Chinatown with Jack Nicholson, horror film Rosemary's Baby with Mia Farrow and holocaust drama The Pianist with Adrian Brody.

Polanski's beautiful pregnant wife, actress Sharon Tate was brutally murdered by Charles Manson and his crazy cult members.

Born August 18, 1933
Age 89 years old

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Best 8 Quotes by Roman Polanski

“Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater.”

“Every failure made me more confident. Because I wanted even more to achieve as revenge, to show that I could.”

“Happy endings make me puke.”

“I don't rehash the past. It's my baggage. That's all. I accept things as they are.”

“Normal love isn't interesting. I assure you that it's incredibly boring.”

“The whole showmanship is not to answer every question.”

“To the audience it doesn't really matter how much the director struggled with an actor. It's the result that counts.”

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“You have to show violence the way it is. If you don't show it realistically, then that's immoral and harmful. If you don't upset people, then that's obscenity.”

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