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Best 25 Quotes by Ross Jeffries

“I absolutely teach training routinality, but more important I teach beliefs. Training your energy, training your vibe...”

“I don't like bars. They're too noisy, and I don't like loud environments.”

“I get along with women under 30 a lot better. They're so much more fun and vivid.”

“I got two girls into bed up until 1987, that means I was uh... I was born in 1958, you do the math.

I was nearly thirty years old. Two girls! Terrible. Really terrible.”

“If you listen to what a woman says, she'll give you all the information you need to seduce her.”

“Leave her better than you found her.”

“My favorite pattern has to do with how I show up. What you do with your body, what you do with your beliefs, what you visualize in your mind, what you're doing with your energy and vibe.

So, 50 percent of this has to do with how you show up. Remember, patterns aren't just language. So my favorite pattern is how I show up.”

“No matter how bad things are for you, I've been there and over 22 years, tens of thousands of students of mine have been there too.

You are not alone in your struggle, you're not alone with your sticking points, there are answers too if you're interested.

It'll be my mission and my honor and privilege to help you with this.”

“Number 1: control your state. Learn to build in a confidence that doesn't rely on being accepted or rejected.”

“Number 2: learn to look differently at how women create their world.

Women's emotions, like love, desire, connection, attraction, are not things. They're processes that women do inside of their body.

If you learn to look at processes and activity instead of things, you will be able to see these things in her and be able to link them to yourself.”

“Number 3: of course, learn to use your language to capture and lead a woman's emotions and open up those parts of her mind that are useful for seduction.

And to shut down those parts that are not useful.”

“Originally I was looking for ways to solve my own problems, I was not attractive to women, I was afraid of women and had a lot of issues with approach anxiety.

When I stumbled upon NLP I read a book by Richard Bandler and John Grinder and I immediately understood that I could use this to solve my own problems.”

“The best way to learn is immersion. You know when you take a bath and you get your whole body into the water, not just the tip of your toe? That's it.

Immerse yourself into it. Take my courses. Don't just listen or read 'em once, listen to them nonstop.”

“The difference between losers and winners is that losers don't fail enough.”

“The metaphor I use is fishing. You don't bait the hook with the kind of food you like to eat, you bait it with what the fish are going to bite on.”

“Train yourself to be strong and commanding, fun and spontaneous. Train yourself to show a deep understanding to the women's world and then finally train yourself when to show them your world.

Cause sometimes women want to feel that they understand you better than any other women in the world. So sometimes you have to reveal something from your inner world. Not all the time of course, but once in a while.

I think one of the keys to women is emotional variety. Knowing when to be strong and commanding, when to be fun and so on.”

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“What I would do is walk up, I like to do a little pre-opener, I'd say anything.

First of all I would make a comment on the actual situation that is really funny. It all depends on the situation.

A pre-opener can be anything. If she's alone I could say: I'm wondering what you're doing to keep all the guys away from you, cause it's not working on me.

And then when she laughs, "You know, I'm glad you laughed, it shows you have a sense of humor."

It shows you have a sense of humor before you introduce yourself.

Now let's go through that opener. I walk up and I say "I'm wondering what you're doing to keep all the guys away from you, cause it's not working on me."

Now that's a really funny way to pace her reality, cause the reality is there is no guys in there.

I'm saying it in a funny way, so I'm getting rapport by pacing her reality, I'm showing her that I'm funny.

And then there's the next part I do. This part is really crucial to make this work.

When I say "I'm glad you laughed, it shows you have a sense of humor", what is that doing?

It's showing that I'm screening for something more than her looks, and that humor is important to me. I'm showing that I have standards.

All of that is accomplished in the space of a minute. Women likes different vibes, and if you can show in the space of a minute that you have all the vibes, you're halfway home.”

“When most men meet a beautiful woman, they're so wrapped up in their own feelings that they neglect what the woman is feeling.

If you want to be successful with women, focus on their state, not yours.”

“Women don't really want a guy with a great body, a handsome face or lots of money.

What women want is the emotional states they experience when they are around a guy with a great body, a handsome face, etc.”

“Women likes games, women are conditioned to respond to games. The format or subject isn't important, if it's a quiz or game.

So I could start with a game or a question. Now that question is designed to open up her imagination.”

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“All men who are great with women are great because of their unwavering commitment to authenticity. These men show up in the world, unafraid of what others think and unmoved by what others expect of them.

They live life on their terms and by their rules. And women can sense it.

These men have no problem expressing love, sexual desire, or disapproval with a woman because at the end of the day, her response to him doesn’t make a damn’s worth of a difference.

He is just as happy going home by himself as he is taking home a beautiful woman as long as he remains true to himself and his values and does not sugar coat his desires and truth for the approval of others.”

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“One of the most powerful language patterns is to invoke the power of imagination. Especially with women.

Ask them vague and open ended questions where their imaginations are forced to fill in the gap.

Paint vivid pictures and scenarios while leaving out key details.

Learn to cast grand stories that capture and control their imagination and focus it in the direction that you want it to go.

Once you do, your life will never be the same.”

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“So often today we get caught up in feelings and complications instead of focusing on the basics of all success. Processes and activities.

Want to be great with women? What is the process that is required for you to achieve this goal? And what are the activities that are needed to go through that process?

Want to be rich? What is the process that you need to follow and the activities that you need to prioritize? All success essentially boils down to these two concepts.

Figure out the process and then complete the activities required to actualize it. Leave the complicated crap to the rest of the world.”

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“Society has tried to program us into believing the 6 B’s of attraction.

- Buying
- Begging
- Bullying
- Booze
- Bullsh*t
- Biceps

We are told that by following the above 6 B’s we are guaranteed a life of success with women. But nothing could be further from the truth. Real success with women comes from authenticity and not the grade A+ Bullsh*t listed out above.

Does having a nice body and a fast car help? Sometimes. But rarely with the kind of woman that you want to attract.

Focus on yourself and on authenticity and the above list becomes superfluous.”

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“Words have power. And if you can learn to take control of your words and your language patterns you will uncover a myriad of ways that you can ethically persuade and seduce those around you.”

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