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Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is a businessman in the field of online marketing and sales funnels. As an entrepreneur he created a sales platform called ClickFunnels.

Brunson is the author of several great online marketing books like 'Expert Secrets', 'DotCom Secrets' and 'Traffic Secrets'.

Born March 3, 1980
Age 43 years old

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“A big part of success is believing that it is possible.”

“As long as you stick to your mission and believe in it, you’re going to successful.”

“Be willing to open up and share things that make you uncomfortable. ”

“Become a champion. Show up every single day, work your butt off, and then go on to do the extra effort you need to do to be successful!”

“Become someone who believes in what they are doing.”

“Before you climb the next mountain or conquer your next demon… Take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate your wins!”

“Before you hold a grudge – hold a conversation. It may be a result of a misunderstanding.”

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“Being an entrepreneur is all about looking at a problem and taking personal responsibility to fix it.”

“Believe that this is worth it!”

“Break the pattern, and develop a better pattern.”

“Choose your purpose and run to it. Give it your all!”

“Contribution is what's going to change your life more than anything.”

“Do you guys really hate money that much?”

“Don't create from scratch. Build from what already works.”

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“Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

“Don’t destroy the competition… Just keep them in check!”

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“Money is like sex. You’ll think of nothing else if you don’t have it.”

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“Don’t get so invested in the outcome that you miss out on the journey.”

“Don’t let anyone step on your dreams. Do your best to protect what’s important to you!”

“Don’t let them get lost in a value maze, instead build a value ladder.”

“Don’t sell to broke people.”

“Empathy is the key to understanding and serving those around you.”

“Encourage people to believe in themselves, kindness doesn’t cost a thing.”

“Entrepreneurship has no guarantees. You need to have an idea and then have faith in yourself. Without it, you won’t have success.”

“Entrepreneurship is not about making money. It’s a calling to deeply serve others. Shift your focus.”

“Every opportunity you have creates new problems. You need to build strongholds in every aspect of your life!”

“Everybody wants to be a millionaire but have little to no idea what it takes to become one. If someone came up to me and asked me how to become a millionaire, I would tell them that it would be better for them to develop excellent habits.”

“Everything is guided by a framework.”

“Find a balance between enjoying your life and creating your future.”

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“Find the thing you're obsessed about to make the most money!”

“’s problem wasn’t a traffic or conversion problem. It rarely is. More often than not, it’s a funnel problem.”

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“Impressive claims are made far more impressive by making them exact.”

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