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Ryan Daniel Moran is a serial entrepreneur, speaker and host of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast. Moran is also the owner of Capitalism.com and he is known for his Wealth Triad investment strategy.

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“All you have to do is bring up failure and I get excited.”

“At every moment, you are free to create the life that you want and to make changes that will lead you into a new direction.”

“Do one challenge each day for ten days, and you’ll be on the path to make more money, enjoy more time off, contributing more to others, and following your passions.”

“Don't wait to do what lights you up inside.”

“Each moment, we choose what we allow into our lives. If you want to make changes in your life, all you need to do is choose differently.”

“Entrepreneurship is a process of testing and refining and figuring out what works.”

“Five steps to freedom:

1. Decide what you want your life to look like.
2. Cut out the things that are holding you back.
3. Expand your income and your possibilities.
4. Invest in your self-development and long-term wealth.
5. Give back out of your abundance.”

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“For most people, the biggest thing that they think is holding them back is their financial ability. In reality, the biggest thing that is holding them back is the way that they think.”

“Freedom is doing what you find to be most contributing to society.”

“Freedom means answering to the call of your purpose.”

“Freedom means having the financial resources to spend your time doing what you believe is best.”

“Freedom means spending your hours however you best see them fit, because you are not really free if you do not enjoy your time.”

“I used to say that I had several things in the fire and one would catch. It never happened; it doesn't work like that.”

“I work with a lot of people who are looking for “the system,” and you are the system. You are the machine, and your machine is unique to you. So applying your machine to different opportunities is where value is created.”

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“If you are positioning yourself or you are producing result-driven activity, you will get some feedback. What people fear is that that feedback will contradict what they hoped would happen. That is not failure; that is feedback because we can tweak the process to get the result that you wanted.”

“If you can create massive value that way out-values the price that people are paying, you're doing a tremendous service, but if you're coming from a 'take' mentality of I'm going to put up this product so that I can take as many dollars from the marketplace as possible, you're going to burn out very quickly.”

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“Defining what you want and even focusing on it daily is easy. The hard part is dealing with the resistance that results from this.”

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“If you put up a sales page or you try to sell a product and you don't get sales, you didn't fail, you just got some feedback from the marketplace that something needs to be adjusted.”

“If you want to make more money, take more time off, and/or experience the life that you desire, than you must become the type of person that is necessary to experience it.”

“In order for more money to exist in your life, and in order for you to be free, you must develop the correct concepts that make it easy for you to become wealthy and become free.”

“Make it up, make it happen and make it recur.”

“Making money is easy when you become the type of person who is valuable in the marketplace.”

“Profits are better than wages.”

“Success is an idea. You cannot reach into your pocket and pull out success. The same is true with happiness, and especially true with security.”

“Success is how you define it.”

“The 9-to-5 job is a dinosaur that is outdated, overvalued, and unsafe. It is much safer to own your own destiny and to continually become a more valuable person who continually contributes more and more to the marketplace, and thus experiences more and more in life.”

“The only failure is if you decide to take no action at all or if you learn nothing.”

“There is a difference between feedback and failure. A big difference.”

“There is infinite abundance, and one person’s experience, abilities, and/or incomes can never hinder someone else’s ability to have the same or better.”

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“There is no end to our growth, no limits to who we can become, and no restrictions on what we can do. Therefore, we have never “arrived,” and we are never “complete.” Instead, we are already “complete,” and you have already arrived into this present moment. You are completely free in this moment to create whatever you want to create.”

“There is no limited pie. You create your own pie. And you can have as much as you want.”

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“Regardless of what business you're in, when it comes to sales or deal-making, it's critical that you to build a detailed record of your involvement — not just to use as a last resort in court, but as a constant reminder to all the principals involved that you are/were instrumental in making the deal happen.”

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