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“True contribution comes only from a place of abundance.”

“True wealth can only be earned when you contribute value. Those who break this rule in favor of a short term “money hack” have broken a fundamental rule of the universe, and they do so at the cost of their long-term wealth, health, and happiness.”

“What you earn is a direct reflection of what you give.”

“Work hard and don’t worry about the other guy.”

“You are at the center of your experience, and you are responsible for it.”

“You become wealthy as a direct result of who you become, rather than money making you into a different person. Most people never understand this, so they never become free.”

“You develop the life that you want by becoming the person that you want to be.”

“Your ability to make money is in direct correlation to the value that you bring to the marketplace, not the time that you invest. Making money does not necessarily require time, and time does not necessarily equal money.”

“Your beliefs and your concepts are what will determine the outcomes of your life.”

“Your life today is the result of seeds that have been planted long ago. You are constantly planting seeds, and the way that we change the future is by planting and watering different seeds.”

“Your road to freedom starts with the decision to live life differently.”

12 Months to $1 Million Quotes

“There’s a common startup model called 'scratch your own itch' and it involves finding a problem you yourself have, solving that problem, and then allowing that solution to form a business.”

12 Months to $1 Million

The Wealth Triad Quotes

“A three-step formula for financial success is as follows:

1. Start a business that is not connected to your time, often through an online business.
2. Invest your profits into a 'hands-off' income stream, often through real estate or other businesses.
3. Live off the profits or (if you have higher ambitions) reinvest them into long-term wealth, like dividend-stock, IPOs, and start up companies.”

The Wealth Triad

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