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“If you struggle with energy in the morning, try my 5-5-5-30 routine:

- 5 push-ups
- 5 squats
- 5 lunges per leg
- 30 second plank

Do it right when you get out of bed.

It’ll give you a natural energy boost and start your day with a winning feeling.

It just plain works.”

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“In my experience, the mental health benefits of daily exercise are significant.

Whenever I’m feeling in a rut, movement is part of my formula for getting out of it.

Movement gives you a winning feeling that bleeds out into every other area of your life.”

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“It's a fact that some of your most creative moments come during periods of boredom.

- On a walk
- In the shower
- Driving in silence
- At dinner by yourself

You’re bored, your mind wanders, and your thoughts mingle. Bam! Creative insight strikes.

Schedule more boredom into your weeks.”

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“My Deathbed Regret List exercise:

- What are the things you know you'd regret on your deathbed?

- If you continue on your current path, will you have those regrets?

- If so, what changes need to be made to avoid them?

- How can you design your life to avoid those regrets?”

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“My three core takeaways:

1. It’s OK to keep play as play
2. It’s OK to let work be work
3. Try to make work feel more playful

Simple, but not easy.”

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“Never let the optimal get in the way of the beneficial.

You don’t need to go to the gym for an hour for it to count.

You don’t need to have a perfect diet.

You don’t need to cold plunge and sauna daily.

A little bit of effort. Anything above zero compounds.”

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“One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received:

Have at least one thing in your life that you are bad at (but love doing).

Ambitious, driven people tend to do everything with some specific end in mind.

It's wonderfully refreshing to do something just for the sake of doing it.”

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“Perpetual busyness is a sign of a rocking horse.

Hours and hours of movement but little actual forward progress.

Urgent ≠ Important”

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“PSA: If someone doesn’t genuinely cheer for your wins, you don’t need them in your life.”

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“Strongly held belief: Daily physical activity will change your life.

When you work out:

1. You eat better because you start to identify as a healthy person.

2. You sleep better because your body is tired.

3. You focus better from better sleep.

One action — huge ripple effects.”

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“The ambitious mind can view progress in binary terms:

- I don’t have an hour to lift, so I shouldn’t go.
- I don’t have 4 hours for deep work, so I shouldn’t start.
- I don’t have 30 minutes to call mom, so I shouldn’t call.

Never let optimal get in the way of beneficial.”

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“The Paradox of Bragging

The more you brag, the less people think of you.

Successful people rarely feel the need to brag about their success.

If someone brags about their wealth or success, the reality is likely a small fraction of what they claim.

Brag less, impress more.”

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“The two essential motivators in life:

1. The desire to prove someone wrong.
2. The desire to prove yourself right.

Draw upon (1) for intensity and (2) for consistency.”

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“There’s no fixed path — you create your own.

You get to decide what your successful life looks like.”

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“We waste a lot of energy on the past and future when the present is all that’s guaranteed.

Spend it wisely, with those you love, in ways you’ll never regret.”

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“When a surfer gets up on a wave, they enjoy the moment, even though they know the wave will eventually end.

They fully enjoy this wave — knowing that there are always more waves coming.

It's a powerful mentality for riding the waves of life.

The surfer knows that they don't have to ride every single wave that comes their way.

They alone have the freedom and the power to choose which waves to take, and which waves to let pass by.”

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“Triggers prompt both traction and distraction. External triggers prompt you to action with cues in your environment. Internal triggers prompt you to action with cues within you.”

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“Whenever I catch myself rushing through life, I think about how much I’ll miss these moments in the future.

How many more times will I go for a walk with my parents?

How many more times will my son crawl all over us in bed?

Slow down — you’re gonna miss this.”

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