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2012 Crossing Over Quotes

“Man know thyself and you will know the universe and all its Gods.”

2012 Crossing Over

“We are learning that we are co-creators in this experience.”

2012 Crossing Over

“We are really in just a great time in history to be living. It is just an amazing time.

The great changes that we will see with our own eyes will be stupendous. The new world of love is coming.”

2012 Crossing Over

“We are the microcosm of the whole universe, we are the universe.”

2012 Crossing Over

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“You are like church goers… "I was born Catholic and I will die Catholic."

1) Plants do not have souls.
2) They do not have blood.
3) They do not have brains.
4) They do not have free will.
5) They do not have faces.
6) Humans are vegetarian!”

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“You will not ascend at all, if you eat the carcasses of souls… Period! Case closed.

Don’t be deluded, you will return in cycles of necessity until you learn to respect life and not take it!

And as for all the ego tripping morons with their arguments that plants suffer more than animals when eaten and such, you are f*cking deluded morons and the trauma of eating snuffed sentient beings is twisting your minds to believe all sorts of sh*t that you so wish to believe in.”

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“In her gospel, Mary has Jesus use the image of the (re-)building of a temple, when he speaks about his future resurrection.

There are several clues that the temple of Solomon was not a physical building; among others the remarkable fact that during the building no sounds of tools were heard.

The temple was built in seven years, a reference to the seven chakras. For the interior, Hiram was enlisted.”

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