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Best 7 Quotes by Sean Rad

“Apparently there’s a term for someone who gets turned on by intellectual stuff. You know, just talking. What’s the word?”

“Data beats emotions.”

“Feminism has led to hook-up culture because now women are more independent and pursuing their desires. And that leads to both parties being more sexually active. It’s not because of Tinder.”

“If someone is rude do you blame the restaurant where it happened, or civilisation as a whole? All we are is connecting people. And yeah, there are some disturbing people out there.”

“Look at what’s happening in society. We’re living in a technical age, it’s creating transparency and equality and connecting us. On top of that, women are more independent than ever. Tinder isn’t redefining romance. Progress is.”

“Meeting new people is a fundamental human need.”

“We believe in democracy. If society just wants to 'hook up', who am I to judge?”

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