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Who is Sensei Ogui?

Sensei Ogui is a minister in Jodo Shinshu Buddhism who studied Zen Buddhism. Reverend Ogui is the head of the Buddhist Churches of America. and the author of the book 'Zen Shin Talks'.

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Zen Shin Talks Quotes

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

Zen Shin Talks

“Don't worry about it – sitting discipline will take care of it.”

Zen Shin Talks

“People struggle to build up spiritual securities and happiness. They put energy into learning from different religious traditions. Sometimes people attend workshops and seminars. They spend time and money in this way. They keep attending and learning. Actually they don’t have to keep doing this.

Instead, choose one small practice and keep reflecting on it and doing it. Then you will understand everything. For example, in Christianity you are told to “love your neighbor”. Sincerely practice this and observe yourself when you see how difficult it is. From there, a spiritual gate will open up for you.”

Zen Shin Talks

“Simply do what you need to do.”

Zen Shin Talks

“Sometimes Buddhist monks and masters and other spiritual people just disappear. They do like that.”

Zen Shin Talks

“Sometimes what a spiritual seeker can do is just be quiet or just run away from people who cannot get along. When people around you have a certain vibration and you feel like, “Geez, it’s hard to be in here,” you can make an excuse to go to the restroom and just go away.”

Zen Shin Talks

“The light of the universe is shining on the path of each one of us. So do not look for grace, nor the light of the universe! When do we become aware of this?”

Zen Shin Talks

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“There is no such thing as what we conceptualize as enlightenment.”

Zen Shin Talks

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