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Who is Shantideva?

Shantideva was an 8th century Buddhist monk and philosopher.

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“All the harm, fear, and suffering in the world are caused by attachment to the self: Why should I hold on to this great demon?”

“All the joy the world contains has come through wishing happiness for others. All the misery the world contains has come through wanting pleasure for oneself.”

“All the suffering in the world comes from seeking pleasure for oneself. All the happiness in the world comes from seeking pleasure for others.”

“All those who are unhappy in the world are so as a result of their desire for their own happiness. All those who are happy in the world are so as a result of their desire for the happiness of others.”

“How wonderful will it be when all beings experience each other as limbs on the one body of life.”

“If the problem can be solved why worry? If the problem cannot be solved worrying will do you no good.”

“Instead of trying to cover the whole world with leather, put on some sandals.”

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“It is natural for the immature to harm others. Getting angry with them is like resenting a fire for burning.”

“It is not possible to control all external events; But, if I simply control my mind what need is there to control other things?”

“The renunciation of doing harm is the perfection of discipline.”

“There is nothing to fear other than my mind.”

“Those desiring to escape from suffering hasten right toward suffering. With the very desire for happiness, out of delusion they destroy their own happiness as if it were an enemy.”

“We are all slaves of our own actions. Why be angry with anyone else?”

“Whatever happens, I will not let my cheerfulness be disturbed. Being unhappy won't get me anywhere and will dissipate all my goodness. Why be unhappy about something if you can change it? And if you can't, how will being unhappy help?”

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“Where would there be leather enough to cover the entire world? With just the leather of my sandals, it is as if the whole world were covered. Likewise, I am unable to restrain external phenomena, but I shall restrain my own mind. What need is there to restrain anything else?”

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