Sri Avinash Quotes

Who is Sri Avinash?

Sri Avinash Do is a Vietnamese non-sectarian spiritual master and healer.

Born January 1, 1973
Age 50 years old

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Best 8 Quotes by Sri Avinash

“A spiritual practice is anything that makes you feel more beautiful inside you.”

“Ask your heart what it yearns to be and feel, and begin to live that. When this is asked, our heart will unfailingly guide us home to our true authentic self.”

“Be a ruler of your mind and a servant of your heart.”

“Being able to uplift others is the biggest miracle in the world.”

“Conquer your fear with the weapon of good heartedness.”

“Cultivate love within you and all your negative emotions will soon disappear.”

“Enlightenment is simple peace all the time.”

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“Spend time cultivating gratefulness if you want to be happy.”

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“The mind is malleable. Our life can be greatly transformed by even a minimal change in how we manage our thoughts and perceive and interpret the world. Happiness is a skill. It requires effort and time.”

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