Stella Benson Quotes

Who is Stella Benson?

Stella Benson was an English feminist, novelist, poet, and travel writer.

Born January 06, 1892
Died December 07, 1933

Best Quotes by Stella Benson

“Call no man foe, but never love a stranger.”

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“Meeting people is never an accident. Someone can't walk in and out of your life without reason. Lessons and the growth that you experience are never spontaneous. It is always meant to be. There's a higher purpose, an end beyond you and I, which we will never know until we reach it. So, I want you to stop treating your experiences as casual occurrences that randomly took place and start looking for a deeper meaning, an end or a goal. Something that helps you flourish, that teaches you the important lessons that only people and their existence can provide you.

There is a plan – and you must find it if you want to conquer it. Think about it, in a world consisting of over 7.53 billion people, each capable of teaching you something – why did your path cross with this person? It was because you needed a particular lesson at this point in your life. Think about it deeply, only then will you stop treating your growth as an accident and start appreciating it as a beautiful journey meant just for you.”

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