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Steve Shallenberger is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author of 'Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders'.

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Becoming Your Best Quotes

“If you really want to know what another person is like, notice how he or she treats the less fortunate or those without position or title.”

Becoming Your Best

“It is absolutely essential to hang in there — especially when you feel most discouraged.”

Becoming Your Best

“Remember, action today can prevent a crisis tomorrow.”

Becoming Your Best

“Replacing rudeness and impatience with the Golden Rule may not change the world, but it will change your world and your relationships.”

Becoming Your Best

“The impact of your vision, while quiet and ever present, will be astounding over time as it becomes a reality.”

Becoming Your Best

“The key to achieving your sustainable best is to organize around doing what matters most.”

Becoming Your Best

“When you increase in learning and education, you increase your ability to act, and you have a chance to improve your circumstances.”

Becoming Your Best

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“You steadily grow into becoming your best as you choose to be accountable and accept responsibility for improvement.”

Becoming Your Best

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“Every adversity contains the seed of an equivalent benefit.”

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