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“All pendulums swing back. Be patient.”

“Any time you find yourself making life decisions to satisfy someone else's expectations, you are probably doing it for the wrong reasons.

The least regrettable way to live is on your own terms in your own way and for your own cause.”

“Anything that costs your mental health is too expensive. Look, elsewhere.”

“Being selective about how you spend your time and who you spend your time with is a sign of self-respect.”

“Comfort eating on negativity will make you unhealthy and mental weight is the hardest to lose.

For a healthy mind, burn off grudges, regrets about your past, irrational worries about the future, ingratitude and limiting beliefs that are holding your potential hostage.”

“Don’t find someone that makes you happy. Make yourself happy then find someone.”

“Don’t work hard just so you can take a holiday. Work hard to build a life that you don’t need to take a holiday from.”

“If we’re dating, I want to be your second priority.

I want your first priority to be you, your ambitions, your life, and your future, because my priority right now is me and mine.

Finding happiness and security alone is crucial to finding it together.”

“If you want to avoid making the same mistakes twice make more decisions based on your past memories and fewer decisions based on your current emotions.”

“Imagine if you took all of the time energy and emotions you’ve been giving to meaningless relationships with part-time people and invested all of it into your family and loyal friends and yourself. Imagine.”

“Never forget the relationship you have with your self, sets the tone for the relationship you have with everyone else. If you want to have better relationships with other people work on yourself.”

“Never lose sight of the fact that the ultimate goal is to be happy.”

“One person can change your life, that person is you.”

“Save your explanations for those who are determined to understand you. Give your silence to those that are determined to misunderstand you.”

“Social media is full of people that can spot toxic behavior in everyone but themselves. The world doesn’t need more critics it needs more self-awareness.”

“Sometimes we fall for who we thought a person was, and when it doesn’t work out, we grieve a loss for a person who doesn’t actually exist.”

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“The ones that talk the most are usually the ones that do the least.”

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“The Black sheep in any group is often just the person who sees through everyone else’s bullsh*t.”

“The version of you that people create in their mind is not your responsibility.”

“There is no gratitude greater than taking care of yourself.”

“They call it perfect timing after years of long-term patience.”

“Toxic traits attract toxic people. If you don’t respect yourself, nobody will. If you don’t love yourself you’ll be hard to love.

Respect compassion, and love. If you want to attract someone that will treat you like this you have to start treating yourself like this first.”

“Worrying about what has been before will not change what is to come. Only look back to learn.”

“You don’t lose real friends, real opportunities or real relationships when you start standing up for yourself and setting clear boundaries.

You lose abusers, manipulators, narcissist, control freaks, attention seeker, and mental-health destroying leeches.”

“You have to be able to admit when you’re being the toxic one when your insecurities are controlling your behavior and when you are being unfair. Blame is great for your ego responsibility is great for your future.”

“You will naturally get with the things that rejected you. when you stop using that rejection to reject yourself.”

“You will never improve your life if you keep searching for happiness in the same toxic people and places that you lost it.

That person is still an *sshole, that relationship is still toxic, that job still sucks, your past is past. You have to look forward to moving forward.”

“Your mental diet includes the things you watch, what you read, how you thinks, who you follow, and who you spend time with.

If your goal is to improve your mental health, start by removing the junk from your mental diet.”

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“Be grateful, for gratitude can bring life to life, it can turn a meal to a feast, resentment to love, a grudge to forgiveness, an enemy to a friend, a disease to hope and you to enough.”

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“Fundamentally we’re all the by-product of not what has happened to us, but how we chose to handle it.”

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“I believe that the happiness you’ll find across all areas of your life – your work, your relationships and everything in between – will positively correlate to your ability to deal with uncertainty.”

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“Studying others gives us knowledge, but studying yourself ultimately leads to an incredible amount of freedom.”

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