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“National Security demanded that this entire matter be kept quiet at all costs. No cost was spared in doing so. But there was one very large and busy fly in this ointment: The ETs were flying over the skies of America, sometimes in formation and before thousands of witnesses.

How do you hide that? The answer is ― the mind hides it. In an Orwellian twist, it was found from past psychological warfare efforts that if you told a lie often enough and the lie is repeated by 'respected' authority figures, the public will believe it.

One of the masters of psychological warfare during WWII was put in charge of this diversionary tactic in the late 1940s. General Walter Bedell Smith helped coordinate the psychological warfare components of this ET problem and launched the big lie: UFOs, even though thousands of people had reported seeing them, did not exist.”


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“You’ll become a beacon and the light spreads far and wide. Many see it and are attracted to it. And they will flock to you like a moth to a candle.

Even though they have not been aware or interested before, now they see they want to be a part of it.”

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