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“All of us every single year, we're a different person. I don't think we're the same person all our lives.”

“Failure is inevitable. Success is elusive.”

“I don't dream at night, I dream at day, I dream all day; I'm dreaming for living.”

“Only a generation of readers will span a generation of writers.”

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

“The love we do not show here on Earth is the only thing that hurts us in the after-life.”

“The work that I'm proudest of is the work that I'm most afraid of.”

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“When I felt like an outsider, movies made me feel inside my own skill set.”

“When war comes, two things happen - profits go way, way up and all perishables go way, way down. There becomes a market for them.”

“When you listen, you learn. You absorb like a sponge and your life becomes so much better than when you are just trying to be listened to all the time.”

“Why pay a dollar for a bookmark? Why not use the dollar for a bookmark?”

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“Film is pop art. It's not whether it's auteur cinema or not; that's a false distinction. Cinema is cinema.”

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