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“A boy becomes a man when he stops caring what women think of him.”

“A fit body, confidence, and character can't be bought.

Only earned.”

“A man cannot feel fulfilled unless he feels useful.”

“A man who doesn’t give a f*ck what others think of him, is a dangerous man.”

“A man who values women over happiness ends up with neither.”

“An ugly dude who approaches 100 women will get laid more than a handsome man who only approaches one.”

“Approaching 100 women and getting rejected will teach you more about women than reading 100 'pickup' books.”

“Attention is to women what sex is to men.”

“Avoid rejection by embracing it.”

“Boys become men when they start forcing themselves outside of their comfort zone.”

“Building things is the original 'antidepressant' for men.”

“Chasing success gets you more women than chasing women.”

“Dress like a gentleman, live like a stoic, f*ck like a p*rn star.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.”

“Dumb men listen to a woman’s words. Smart men watch a woman’s actions.”

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“Everything you want is outside of your comfort zone.

The girl.
The business.
The physique.

You can either take uncomfortable action or die a comfortable death.”

“Fellas, she doesn’t want a man who always says yes. She wants a real man who can tell her no.”

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“The less I focused on women the more money I made. The more money I made, made more women want me.

Go figure… Chase success, not women.”

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“Getting jacked, becoming wealthy, and being happy is the best revenge.”

“Lift weights. Learn to fight. Stand up straight. A woman only respects a man who can protect her.”

“Live a life most won't understand.”

“Nice guys aren't nice.

They're just too afraid to stand up for themselves. They let everyone else walk all over them without complaining.”

“No amount of money will make you confident. External objects can’t fix internal problems.”

“No high-value man is sitting on his phone all day.”

“No woman who calls herself 'princess' is worth the headache.”

“Nothing turns a woman off more than a needy man.”

“P*rn is to men what social media is to women.”

“Smart men know when to play dumb.”

“Speak your mind or stay silent.”

“Strong men take control of their life. Weak men let everyone else control their lives.”

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“The day you realize no one is coming to save you is the day you realize you have the power to save yourself.”

“The more attention you need, the less attention you'll get.”

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“Positive effects of going to the gym:

- Happier
- Stronger
- Healthier
- Horny 24/7
- Disciplined
- Feeling better
- Looking better
- Improved mental health

Negative effects:


Any person who doesn't work out is a fool unless they have a serious condition.”

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