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Quantum Physics of Consciousness Quotes

“Evolution in quantum mechanics is deterministic as in classical mechanics except for the difference that as the system interacts with another system, its state function collapses. This dichotomy exists only for separated systems, in which one of them is being observed by the other.

Given that the state of the entire universe is defined at the initial point, its evolution must be completely deterministic. Any seeming randomness now should merely be an amplification of the randomness in the initial state and the entropy at the origin should not change as the universe evolves.

In other words, the physical universe governed by quantum laws has no place for the emergence of life.”

Quantum Physics of Consciousness

“Our currently accepted conceptions of the beginning of the universe postulate much more uniformity than exists now. One way entropy could increase in the universe is by the process of reduction of its state function by some other system. Since the universe, by definition, cannot have any other matter in it, it becomes essential to postulate a mechanism other than that of physical laws, which permits the state function to reduce. This other mechanism may be the working of the 'consciousness principle' which can just by the process of 'observation' increase entropy.”

Quantum Physics of Consciousness

Recursionism and Reality Quotes

“Men and women in their mutual attraction are driven to the very emptiness they are trying to avoid.”

Recursionism and Reality

The Astronomical Code of the R̥gveda Quotes

“Once scientists and scholars invest parts of their career in support of a paradigm, it becomes a sort of a self-betrayal to abandon it.”

The Astronomical Code of the R̥gveda

The Loom of Time Quotes

“Europe has resurrected its pagan gods.”

The Loom of Time

“If the heart sorrows over physical loss, the spirit rejoices over hope of understanding.”

The Loom of Time

The Prajna-Sutras Quotes

“Gods have many faces.”

The Prajna-Sutras

“Man is a mimic animal, happiest acting a part, needing a mask to tell the truth.”

The Prajna-Sutras

“People embrace false magical theories in the hope something good will come out of them. In the most extreme of these, good comes out of them only at the end of this life, in paradise.”

The Prajna-Sutras

“The body is like the wife to the spirit. The two must cohabit to create new forms, but their pleasures rarely coincide.”

The Prajna-Sutras

“When the mind grasps the universe, the senses retreat.”

The Prajna-Sutras

The Secret Teachings of the Vedas Quotes

“Interestingly, modern science has estimated that the age of the earth is about 4 billion years. Scholars feel it is uncanny that the Vedic Aryans could have conceived of such a vast span of time over 3,500 years ago that would be similar to the same figure estimated by science today.”

The Secret Teachings of the Vedas

The Wishing Tree Quotes

“History is scraps of evidence joined by the glue of imagination.”

The Wishing Tree

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