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“A knowledge more secret than the Svara Yoga, a wealth more useful than Svara Yoga, have never been found.”

“An evil man is a saint of the future. See good in everything. Destroy the evil-finding quality. Develop the good-finding quality. Rise above good and evil.”

“An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory!”

“Change the mind, and you can change the body.”

“Crave for a thing, you will get it. Renounce the craving, the object will follow you by itself.”

“Cultivate peace first in the garden of your heart by removing the weeds of lust, hatred, greed, selfishness, and jealousy.

Then only you can manifest it externally. Then only, those who come in contact with you, will be benefited by your vibrations of peace and harmony.”

“Desire nothing, give up all desires and be happy.”

“Do not brood over your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill your mind with grief, regret and depression. Do not repeat them in the future.”

“Do not love leisure. Waste not a minute. Be bold. Realize the Truth, here and now!”

“Don't fear the darkness if you carry the light within.”

“Eating, drinking. sleeping, pro-creating. A little laughter, a lot of tears. Is this all there is to life?

Don't die like a worm on the surface of the planet. Wake up and be all that you can be, you are so much more than that.”

“Forget like a child any injury done by somebody immediately. Never keep it in the heart. It kindles hatred.”

“Give up all sorts of fears, worries, anxieties and cares. Do not be disheartened by failures and setbacks. Draw strength and courage from God dwelling in the chamber of your heart. Pain is the best thing in the world. It is an eye-opener. It awakens your dormant faculties. Never forget this.”

“Giving is the secret of abundance.”

“God is all-full. He is self-contained. He is eternal satisfaction.”

“Humility is not cowardice. Meekness is not weakness. Humility and meekness are indeed spiritual powers.”

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“Taoists view any attempt to describe the totality of nature, the Tao, as futile. They found it far more useful to find ways of experiencing deeper harmony with it.”

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“If you do not find peace within, you will not find it anywhere else. The Goal of Life is the attainment of Peace and not the achievement of power, name, fame and wealth.”

“If you do not know the laws of right conduct, you cannot form your character.”

“If you think about disaster, you will get it. Brood about death and you hasten your demise. Think positively and masterfully, with confidence and faith, and life becomes more secure, more fraught with action, richer in achievement and experience.”

“Illness begins with 'I', Wellness begins with 'we'.”

“Kind thoughts increase the flow of vital energy into your body and mind. Do kind acts now. Do not procrastinate.

Kindness is like a healing balm. It soothes suffering...

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Even so, little acts of kindness make an ocean of goodwill.”

“Learn to give, give in plenty, give with love, give without any expectation, one does not lose anything by giving, on the other hand you get back a thousand fold.”

“Let each man take the path according to his capacity, understanding and temperament. His true guru will meet him along that path.”

“Life is short. Time is fleeting. Realize the Self. Purity of the heart is the gateway to God.

Aspire. Renounce. Meditate. Be good; do good. Be kind; be compassionate. Inquire, know Thyself.”

“Love expects no reward. Love knows no fear. Love Divine gives – does not demand. Love thinks no evil; imputes no motive. To Love is to share and serve.”

“Man needs now no more degrees, but character. No more study, but wisdom.”

“Meditation is painful in the beginning but it bestows immortal Bliss and supreme joy in the end.”

“Modern civilisation is complicated and artificial. Simple folk live in a world of love and peace. Let no one hate another or harm another.”

“Never worry about what other people say or think. Do the right. Have a clear conscience and roam about happily.”

“Patient and regular practice is the whole secret of spiritual realization. Do not be in a hurry in spiritual life. Do your utmost, and leave the rest to God.”

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“I look forward optimistically to a healthy, happy world as soon as its children are taught the principles of simple and rational living. We must return to nature and nature’s God.”

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