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“A hospital is a place where sick people congregate.”

“A woman's job is to lead a man back to his heart and a man's job is to protect her so she can do that.”

“Acceptance is the currency of love.”

“Alcoholism is a symptom of deeper wounds originating from being out of control and feeling unsafe if your relationships. Once we understand this deeper root, can we really get a handle on this “disorder” afflicting so many people in the world today.”

“Any belief or method that is being used to fuel denial is by definition an enemy to awakening, enlightenment, awareness and expansion.”

“Behind every single action lies a positive intention. All hateful acts are misguided attempts to carry out a positive intention.”

“By drinking water, you are essentially informing yourself. Even if you are not yet at the point to be able to be consciously aware of what information you are absorbing, that information the water contains is being transferred to your being.”

“Chronic procrastination is worse than self abandonment; it's self complacency.”

“Dedicating your time to being against something is the same as dedicating your life to something that you hate; you feed it with your energy. Knowing what you are against helps you to decide what you are for. From there, the best thing to do is to pour all of your focus and time and energy into what you are for instead.”

“Ego is born of fear and the illusion of separateness. It does everything to control, and avoid the fear that maintains it... In other words... It's main goal is to ensure that you do not experience the true self. For if this happened, it would cease to exist. and survival at all costs is it's primary goal.”

“Faith can only occur in the absence of knowing.”

“Hate is the byproduct of hurt.”

“Hatred is the act of willingly misunderstanding.”

“He who copes with the world the best is often the one who will do the very least to change it. Instead, he will do the very most to teach everyone else how to cope with it.”

“Idolization is nothing more than the projection of the suppressed positive attributes within one person, onto another person, so that they may admire the reflection; instead of the source.”

“If I accepted that what I want is never and I mean NEVER, going to happen, what would I do then or instead.”

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“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”

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“If we as people allow ourselves to be caught up in either pride or shame, we severely limit the scope of what we are capable of doing and what we are capable of of becoming in this life.”

“If you are in a situation where someone is being less than kind to you, that situation is the indication that in some way, you are being less than kind to yourself. You can only be a match to meeting and surrounding yourself with people who treat you poorly, if you treat yourself poorly. The world is reflecting how you treat yourself! So what does the doctor order? Self love! ”

“If you are unhappy, look at the things you do every day. You can’t do the same things every day and get different results in terms of how you feel. So do different things. If you do different things every day, you will start to see different results.”

“If you aren't controversial, you aren't yet being yourself.”

“If you don’t take a risk, you’ve failed already.”

“If you want a happy life, and we all do... If you want to find out who you really are, and we all do... You're going to have to risk being you.”

“In order to integrate something, heal it, or move beyond it, we must first own or claim it. Whatever we cannot own or claim within us, we will project onto others.”

“It is easy to become discouraged when we realize how much the past effects the now. But we can also look at this truth and realize how much the now effects the future. This can give rise to much hope if we let it that the future changes the second we change the now. We create the future we want to see by taking incremental steps to becoming what we want to see in the very moment we are standing in. Here and now. So... what are you waiting for?”

“It is sad to me how intense fear frosts my happiest moments. This is a trend in my life due to years of losing everything that I loved. If I love something, I fear the loss of that thing to a degree that my bone marrow begins to ache. I mourn it before it is even gone.”

“It may be uncomfortable to express your own thoughts and feelings. It may also be uncomfortable to hear the truth of someone else's current thoughts and feelings. But those thoughts and feelings should never be suppressed. The only way that anyone can be in a real relationship is if those current truths are out on the table. Otherwise we can not really love the person we think we love, because we don't even see the truth of who they are in this moment. We are in essence, in love with an illusion. We are in essence, asking people to love an illusion of ourselves unless we are willing to be vulnerable and open enough to show them the truth of who we are in this moment.”

“It's not the uncomfortable feelings themselves that hurt, it's our resistance to the uncomfortable feelings that causes us pain.”

“Many Years ago, Jules Verne wrote a collection of improbable stories about crafts which flew in the atmosphere, space ships, lunar explorations and submarines. These ideas, were improbable. Jules was seen as a creative but eccentric fool, unwilling to reside in reality. And his stories were isolated to the realm of science fiction. But here we are in the year 2012... with airplanes, submarines, the space shuttle and we have walked on the moon. Now... who is the fool and who is the visionary? We must learn to break free of the limitations of our own mind, for it is molding the very fabric of our reality. The future is created by the the improbable ideas of today. Visionary thinkers always run into resistance from those who would feel safer if everyone would conform to a consensus about what is real and what is possible. But... This should not stop those unique people who don't live in the prison of this kind of fear, from pushing the envelope.”

“Never downplay the power and importance of imagination. Nothing manifests in your reality without having been imagined first. Every single thing that you eventually come to live has been imagined first.”

“People who love themselves pick the path of least resistance. Picking the hard way is not virtuous - it is self-punishment.”

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“If you want this to change, you can’t be complacent.”

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