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“A clear vision of the future you, re-directs passion from it’s fondness for short-term instant gratification to a willingness to sacrifice, in order to create the future you – your new identity.”

“A negative mental outlook causes tunnel vision, limiting creativity.”

“A positive mental outlook enhances creativity, problem solving and allows you to see opportunities.”

“A very big part of living a happy life is surrounding yourself with the right type of people.”

“According to the latest science, negativity inhibits your ability to think clearly.”

“Any investment you make of your time should pay dividends down the road in some meaningful way – increased happiness events, financially security, fewer financial worries, longevity, a legacy that benefits future generations or helps improve the lives of others.”

“Anything new and different leads to growth. Growth leads to success and success leads to wealth.”

“Constructing an ideal, happy and successful life is no different than building a house. It’s the same process. It all starts with creating a blueprint of your future, ideal life.”

“Define exactly what your future, ideal life looks like.

Dream Job – What would you love to do for a living?
Ideal Home – What will your perfect home look like? Where will that home be?
Life Partner – What type of person would you like to share the rest of your life with?
Desired Wealth – How much wealth would you like to accumulate?
Fun – What fun places would you like to travel to? What fun activities would you’d like to engage in regularly?
Rich Relationships – What type of people would you like to be in your inner circle?
Health – How much would you like to weigh? What would you like your body to look like? What will you do to become healthy and fit?
Charity – Who will you help with the wealth you accumulate?”

“Don’t wallow in self pity because you do not like what you do for a living. Take action. Put your ladder on your wall and start climbing it every day. Take action today.”

“Don’t waste your life following someone else’s dreams and goals. It’s your life. It’s your ladder. Find your wall to put it on. My new life began the minute I decided to put my ladder on my wall.”

“Every day, rich people do certain things that help them to change into the individuals they need to become in order for success to visit them”

“Glucose is the brain’s fuel source. When it’s low, your ability to make decisions is impaired.”

“Goals and dreams are catalysts for great achievement in life. They enable you to accomplish seemingly super-human feats. They force you to dig deep and, in the process, they introduce you to the amazing person buried deep inside of you. Someone who was there all along.”

“Gratitude changes the lens through which you view your world, from negative to positive. And when that happens you’ll begin to see solutions to your problems. Ideas will pop into your head that will help you climb your way out of your financial worries.”

“Gratitude changes the lens through which you view your world, from negative to positive. And when that happens, you’ll begin to see solutions to your problems. Ideas will pop into your head that will help you climb your way out of your unemployment, poverty or near poverty.”

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“Gratitude is recognizing all of the good in your life. Making gratitude a daily habit is a good thing because gratitude is the gateway to a positive mental outlook.”

“Gratitude is the gateway to optimism and a positive mental outlook. Gratitude forces you to shift your focus from what you lack, scarcity, to what you have, abundance.”

“Habits are like snowflakes on the side of a steep mountain. You hardly notice, on a daily basis, the snow accumulating. But after many months, that accumulation is so significant, it causes an avalanche.”

“Habits are unconscious thoughts, behaviors or emotions that exist for one purpose – to free up your conscious brain, so you can think.”

“Habits are your transportation system in life. If your desired destination is a healthy, happy and successful life, good daily habits will push you along to that destination. Open your eyes to your habits, because the wrong habits could be pushing you along to a destination you won't like very much.”

“Habits enable the brain to work less.”

“Habits put you on autopilot. This is a good thing if you have far more good habits than bad habits and a very bad thing if you have far more bad habits than good habits.”

“Happy people tend to have happy thoughts.”

“Having a clear vision of who you want to be in the future is the springboard to forcing change, setting everything else that leads to success, in motion.”

“Having a positive outlook on life is critical to success because positivity expands your thinking, enabling you to see solutions to your problems, while negativity narrows your thinking, making problem-solving difficult, if not impossible.”

“Having more stuff will not make you happy and will do nothing to help you change in a positive direction.”

“Human beings are goal-seeking drones. We function at an optimum level when we are obsessed with achieving something big in life; something that forces us to stretch, grow and become something different, something better.”

“I always pay attention to my inner voice because I know, from my many years of studying the brain, that, behind the scenes, the subconscious is constantly at work and, through intuition, guides you in solving your problems.”

“I know I can’t control the outcome of my dreams, but I can control the outcome of my goals. So, it’s simple really. All I need to do is take action on the things I can control, my goals, and not worry about what I can’t control – the outcome of my dreams.”

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