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The Light of Egypt Quotes

“Pure spirit is diffusive, non atomic, uncreated, formless, self-existent being.

Silent motionless, unconscious, Divinity: possessing in its sublime purity the one sole Deific attribute expressible in human language as absolute and unconditioned potentiality.”

The Light of Egypt

“The name Zanoni means: Zan, a star; oni, a child of or son of; thus Zanoni, son of a star.

The double zee means completion.”

The Light of Egypt

“The symbol of Spiritual Initiation is complex in meaning. It means literally, "I have pierced the illusions of matter, and I am conscious that I am Divine."

The seven stars represent the seven Principles of Nature. The serpent represents the objective phenomena of life.

And the arrow piercing the serpent represents the human soul which is conscious of its origin, power and destiny.”

The Light of Egypt

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“It always takes great courage to speak. You open your heart and put yourself into a vulnerable position, so when we face sarcasm and incredulity, it hurts, it hurts like an arrow shot through the heart.”

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