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Best Cruel Compassion Quotes by Thomas Szasz

Cruel Compassion Quotes

“He who does not want to understand the other has no right to say that what the other does or says makes no sense.”

Cruel Compassion

“It is the lot of mankind to feel not only insecure but also bored. To combat that experience, people long to be passively entertained, which requires less effort than assuming responsibility for self-improvement.”

Cruel Compassion

“The young and the old are defenseless against relatives who want to get rid of them by casting them in the role of mental patient, and against psychiatrists whose livelihood depends on defining them as mentally ill.”

Cruel Compassion

“We cannot institutionalize helping the victims of personal disasters.”

Cruel Compassion

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“The abstract and the concrete side of operations are opposites, but you can't have one without the other, if, that is, you want get the job done well.”

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