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“It may be safely assumed that to the normally constituted man or woman a life without love would seem equivalent to annihilation.”

A Scientific Demonstration of the Future Life Quotes

“Dreams which give warning of impending danger; dreams which demonstrate the fact of communion with friends at a distance; dreams which solve problems far beyond the objective or normal capacity of the dreamer, are among the phenomena which point clearly to a consciousness distinct from and independent of his normal consciousness, and possessing a power of perception of truth which reaches out far beyond the range of the objective senses.”

A Scientific Demonstration of the Future Life

The Evolution of the Soul Quotes

“The true meaning of 'success' in this life is that every child of God has a mission to perform; and that mission is amply discharged if he so lives that, when comes the inevitable hour, he can truly say: 'the world is better for my having lived.'

This is success in the highest and best sense of the word. It may or may not be accompanied by an accumulation of wealth; for under this rule the millionaire may prove a dismal failure, while the humblest may achieve a brilliant success.”

The Evolution of the Soul

The Law of Psychic Phenomena Quotes

“1) Man has two minds: the objective mind (conscious) and the subjective mind (subconscious).
2) The subjective mind is constantly amenable to control by suggestion.
3) The subjective mind is incapable of inductive reasoning.”

The Law of Psychic Phenomena

“Our 'mental organization' was such that it seemed as if we had two minds, each endowed with separate and distinct attributes and powers; with each capable, under certain conditions, of independent action.

And, for explanatory purposes, it was entirely irrelevant whether we actually had 'two distinct minds', whether we only seemed to be endowed with a dual mental organization, or whether we actually had one mind possessed of certain attributes and powers under some conditions, and certain other attributes and powers under other conditions.”

The Law of Psychic Phenomena

“Substantial progress in any science is impossible in the absence of a working hypothesis which is universal in its application to the phenomena pertaining to the subject-matter.”

The Law of Psychic Phenomena

“The objective mind of an individual may, by auto-suggestion, convince his subjective mind that a proposition is true, which proposition his objective mind knows to be false.”

The Law of Psychic Phenomena

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“There are two general causes for failure and inharmony.

First, parents often educate their children in a calling for which they have no adaptability, and many times leave them a fortune with which to carry on that calling, and, as they have no adaptation to it, they soon lose their money, and, after frequent efforts to rise again, they get discouraged and become vagabonds on the earth.

The second cause of inharmony is misunderstanding of each other's motives.”

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