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Best 7 Quotes by Lillie Devereux Blake

“If Eve was inferior to Adam because she was created after him, then Adam was inferior to the fishes, because they preceded him.”

“It is better to have the power of self-protection than to depend on any man, whether he be the Governor in his chair of State, or the hunted outlaw wandering through the night, hungry and cold and with murder in his heart.”

“People share a common nature but are trained in gender roles.”

“We are tired of the pretense that we have special privileges and the reality that we have none; of the fiction that we are queens, and the fact that we are subjects.”

Fettered for Life Quotes

“I have seen that women are shut out from every means of earning a living that is really remunerative, crowded into certain narrow walks, which, in consequence, are so thronged that the poor creatures are forced to work for the merest pittance.”

Fettered for Life

“Just so long as all our literature is pervaded with the thought that women are inferior, so long will our sex be held in a low estimate.”

Fettered for Life

Woman's Place Today Quotes

“The most grievous wrong of that day was to be found in the establishment of the celibacy of the clergy. This hideous doctrine of a celibate priesthood was maintained only by a constant struggle against the better and truer instincts of the heart.

Woman's Place Today

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