Tom Lanoye Quotes

Best 10 Quotes by Tom Lanoye

“Actually, you should have two lives: one to live and one to write. Those two disturb each other.”

“Big Brother realizes the greatest wish of the people: you don't have to be able to do anything and you become famous anyway. Fantastic!”

“Happiness is a disaster. It makes you so lazy. If you're not careful, you'll start loving life too.”

“The best way to set your house on fire is: open all interior doors, pour a jerry can of gasoline on a dog in the living room, and put it on fire.”

“The most aesthetically pleasing way to commit suicide is to have an operation by four surgeons at the same time.”

“The Nervii were the first nerve patients.”

Speechless Quotes

“Mothers never become people again, mothers remain mothers.”


“One does not protest against a self-chosen fate.”


The Divine Monster Quotes

“Every beast prays in its own way.”

The Divine Monster

The Third Marriage Quotes

“The cold that lips can feel causes so much more pain than what bare hands can tolerate.”

The Third Marriage

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“This is true: the world is better off with some people gone. Our lives are not all interconnected. That theory is crock. Some people truly do not need to be here.”

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