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Best 21 Quotes by Troy Francis

“Being motivated is the decision you make every day to refuse to accept the mediocre standards the world will otherwise impose on you.”

“Marriage happens when tired people look at one another and think "OK, I want a break from the sexual marketplace and this option looks as good as any. Let's give it a shot.”

“The first way you become more confident is to realise that confidence is a skill set you can master, not a preset.”

10X Happiness, Zero Bullshit Quotes

“Flow state is enormously powerful. When I get into flow with my writing, hours can pass as though they were mere seconds. I can sit at my keyboard entranced, feeling as though there is no distance between me and the words that I’m tapping out on the screen. That I am entirely at one with language, and that there is an open channel of communication between my head, my heart, and the reader. That feeling is transcendental, even sacred, and I am convinced that when we feel that feeling, we are in the process of doing something truly valuable.”

10X Happiness, Zero Bullshit

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“A first date is your opportunity to get to know her on a deep level while also turning up the heat with flirtation.

You need to do both things at the same time.”

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“Dates if you are a clueless guy are actually terrible.”

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“Gentrification = feminisation”

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“Getting 'strung along' by a woman is always your fault.

She's not holding a gun to your head. So why are you on call all the time?”

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“If the women you are interested in keep going off with the hot surfer dude or the motorcycle guy then you're probably a boring f*cker.”

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“If you don't have hobbies or an interesting life then you are a boring f*cker and you need to fix that ASAP or die alone.”

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“If you have a problem keeping the women you are dating around then:

1. you are probably a boring f*cker


...that's it.”

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“Is Elon Musk the stupidest clever person of all time?”

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“Isn’t it creepy how people who work for startups say ‘our founder’ with this glazed, religious fervour?”

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“Let's just be friends is a pure rejection.

If she wants to f*ck you she won’t want to be just friends. But at least friends with benefits.”

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“Love is real.

But men aspiring to domesticity have been feminised.”

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“Marriage is a man’s way of announcing to the world: I threw in the towel.”

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“Foodie call is a recent moniker invented to humorize the deceitful act of a female going on a date with a man she is not romantically interested in, unbeknownst to the man, for the sole purpose of getting a free meal.”

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“The best ways to care less about the outcome with women you want to be intimate with:

1. Abundance
2. Stoicism, Marcus Aurelius, all that jazz.
3. Get old.

The latter is working well for me.”

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“We’re all going to die very soon so it makes sense to pursue pleasure to the greatest extent possible.

However, pleasure can be found in many things inc work, spirituality, love etc...”

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“You are the conductor, they are the orchestra.

The other way around is a prescription for misery.”

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“You need far less than you think.”

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“Your limiting beliefs are slowly ruining you.”

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