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Children Who Have Lived Before Quotes

“As soon as a child is born its body is searched for birthmarks, since they are convinced that these stem from death wounds, which were received in a past life.

If such marks are found on a child they try to discover something from his or her past life as soon as the child is able to speak in order to get the first clues to the circumstances of his or her former death.”

Children Who Have Lived Before

“Children are not afraid to be ridiculed or seen as stupid.”

Children Who Have Lived Before

“Children who remember past lives normally begin to speak about them as soon as they can talk.

Their statements are usually about people, things or experiences from their past lives.

After the age of four their inner memories gradually seem to dry up and by the time they are nine years old there is hardly an original memory left.”

Children Who Have Lived Before

“Edith, a woman from Berlin who came to me in order to train as a regression therapist, told me the following.

Initially she had great difficulties with her youngest son Peter. He completely rejected her as his mother, resisting her and being a very difficult child for her to deal with.

He flatly refused to be touched by her and when she tried to breastfeed him as a baby he turned his head away. He did not want to drink from her breast unless his hunger was greater than his dislike of her.

He provoked her intentionally over a long period of time by not using the potty and wetting his nappy or his bed.

When sitting on his potty at the age of two he said to her, 'You have not always been my mummy. I don't love you.'

His mother felt very hurt by this.”

Children Who Have Lived Before

“It is not the intellect that is the measure of all things, but rather knowledge conveyed with innocence and simplicity.”

Children Who Have Lived Before

“Many children know about past lives and are able to give conclusive information about those lives.

Children Who Have Lived Before

“Most cases of past-life memories occur in countries or among people or races that believe in reincarnation.

This is closely connected with the fact that parents from these cultures tend to listen to what their children are saying, and help them make contact with the people from their past.”

Children Who Have Lived Before

“Science cannot reject childish statements as being lies or as having been invented.”

Children Who Have Lived Before

“Since the age of Enlightenment the belief in reincarnation spread extrelemy swiftly, especially among those who took a critical view of the Church.”

Children Who Have Lived Before

“Suddenly the boy walked up to a man and said, “Aren’t you...?” and said his name. The man answered yes.

Then the boy said, “I used to be your neighbour. We had a fight and you killed me with an axe.”

Eli told me how the man had suddenly gone white as a sheet. The three-year-old boy then said: I even know where he buried my body.”

Children Who Have Lived Before

“The indisputable proof comes from the mouths of children. Their truth states that there is life after death and that the human soul is reincarnated on Earth again and again.”

Children Who Have Lived Before

“There has been a definit upward trend in the belief in reincarnation in Western countries among those born in the last 40 years.”

Children Who Have Lived Before

Great Handbook of Reincarnation Quotes

“I refer to those seeking treatment predominantly as 'clients' and not 'patients', since many people finding their way to the regression therapist's practice are not sick, but rather have problems with their partner, their work or with other areas of their life which they hope to resolve.”

Great Handbook of Reincarnation

“In spite of a number of committed regression therapists and teachers, regression therapy has still to achieve wide acceptance.

When such treatment is accepted, I believe it might well revolutionize medical science and psychotherapy in its entirety, since the cause of disease will be uncovered not just within the present, but within previous lifetimes, enabling them to be de- and reprogrammed.”

Great Handbook of Reincarnation

“Not every patient is suitable for regression therapy. The severely mentally handicapped never receive benefit from such treatment.”

Great Handbook of Reincarnation

“Regression therapy brings about the confrontation with the past and helps us rid the disagreeable ballast we have been dragging around for so long.

Only after undoing that which ties us to the past are we really in a position to say: What has the past got to do with me?”

Great Handbook of Reincarnation

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“You do not realize the power of your own mind. By focusing on the reality you desire, you can create it. Your energy is scattered. Once you learn how to focus and direct it, you are capable of creating miracles.

And if the power of one man’s mind is that powerful, think of the power of group mind once it is harnessed. The power of the focusing of many people’s minds is not only multiplied, it is squared.”

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“Regression therapy holds the important advantage that neither therapist nor client need believe in the reality of previous lifetimes.

Many therapists who have been successfully practising regression therapy, did not originally give the slightest credence to past lives and reincarnation, explaining to their clients – who shared this disbelief – that there would be, for instance, symbolic pictures and scenes from other eras arising from their subconscious which could provide important clues for the process of healing.”

Great Handbook of Reincarnation

“We probably wouldn't need to bother about previous lives if they didn't 'bother' about us.

'Unreleased' feelings from other lifetimes will stir in our soul until they are 'redeemed'.

They affect our life in various and manifold ways (assuming the guise of fear, anxiety and phobias for example) and press us to examine and tackle them.”

Great Handbook of Reincarnation