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“A man may be as straight as an arrow, but even then he will have some critics.”

“A man should be like a child with his wife, but if she needs him, he should act like a man.”

“Account yourself before you are brought to account and measure your actions before they are measured.”

“Acquire knowledge and teach it to people.”

“Acquire knowledge and teach people. Learn along with it dignity and tranquility and humility for those who teach you and humility for those whom you teach. Do not be tyrannical scholars and thus base your knowledge upon your ignorance.”

“Acquire knowledge before you become leaders and pride prevents you from learning and you live in ignorance.”

“Acquire knowledge, and learn tranquility and dignity.”

“As long as you are pure of heart, you speak the truth.”

“Avoidance of sin is lighter than the pain of remorse.”

“Be dignified, honest, and truthful.”

“Be patient. Patience is a pillar of faith.”

“Death is teacher enough, true faith is wealth enough, and worship is action enough.”

“Do not allow wealth to circulate only among the rich.”

“Do not be an arrogant scholar, for scholarship cannot subsist with arrogance.”

“Do not be deceived by a man’s eloquence; rather whoever fulfils trusts and refrains from impugning people’s honour is a real man.”

“Do not be misled by hearing of anyone’s reputation.”

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“The risk of a bad decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.”

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“Do not close your door to the people or allow the strong to oppress the weak.”

“Do not depend upon the morality of a person until you have seen him behave while in anger.”

“Do not grieve over what has passed unless it makes you work harder for what is about to come.”

“Do not overeat; that invites disease.”

“Do not put off today’s work until tomorrow, lest work accumulate and you achieve nothing.”

“Do not show any favour to the rich over the poor.”

“Do not trust the character of one who cannot control his temper.”

“Doing good for a good done to you is simply repayment, whereas doing good for an evil done to you is a tremendous virtue.”

“Don't let your love become an obsession, nor your hate become destruction.”

“Don’t forget your own self while preaching to others.”

“Don’t forget your own self while reminding others.”

“Earning of livelihood by following some profession is better than living on charity.”

“Every ruler should keep his door open to the people.”

“Fear Allah, for He alone lives; all other things are liable to perish.”

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“We never really encounter the world; all we experience is our own nervous system.”

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