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“Fear God, for that is fortune; indifference to God is misfortune.”

“Fear him, whom you hate.”

“For those who practise tyranny and deprive others of their rights, I will be harsh and stern, but for those who follow the law, I will be most soft and tender.”

“Forgive people so that Allah may forgive you.”

“Get used to a rough life, for luxury does not last forever.”

“Go easy on yourself, for the outcome of all affairs is determined by God’s decree. If something is meant to go elsewhere, it will never come your way, but if it is yours by destiny, from you it cannot flee.”

“God forbid, men should be jealous of knowledge as they are jealous of women.”

“God loves moderation and hates extravagance and excess.”

“He is an intelligent person who can translate his actions into good.”

“He is to be preferred who has the urge to sin, but does not sin.”

“He who does not know evil will fall into it.”

“He who does not live in the way of his beliefs starts to believe in the way he lives.”

“He who keeps his own counsel keeps his affairs in his own hands.”

“He who sleeps without offering the night prayer, may he never enjoy a sound sleep.”

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“He who went to the kings to seek favors went away from God.”

“He who wins through fraud is no winner.”

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“The repugnance of the Hindus against foreigners increased more and more when the Muslims began to make their inroads into their country.”

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“Hold on to your salah, because if you lose that, you will lose everything else.”

“Hold yourself accountable before you are held accountable.”

“I advise you to fear Allah alone, with no partner of associate.”

“I advise you to fear Allah with regard to the people, but do not fear the people with regard to Allah.”

“I advise you to treat the people justly, and to devote yourself to looking after them and protecting them against their enemies.”

“I fear of the day when the disbelievers are proud of their falsehood.”

“I fear the day when the Kuffar are proud of their falsehood, and the Muslims are shy of their faith.”

“I have never regretted my silence, as for my speech I’ve regretted it many times.”

“I have seen all type of friends but I never found a friend better than safeguarding the tongue.”

“I looked at all types of sustenance, but did not find a better sustenance than patience.”

“I thought about all dresses, but did not find a better dress than piety.”

“I thought about all types of wealth, but did not find a better wealth than contentment in little.”

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“I thought of all types of good deeds, but did not find a better deed than offering good advice.”

“I will be harsh and stern against the aggressor, but I will be a pillar of strength for the weak.”

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“Authority, power, and wealth do not change a man; they only reveal him.”

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