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“Concerts are nonsense. They create many problems: money, interests – it is hardly spontaneous. I want to feel the same pleasure that my audience experiences, otherwise it’s not honest.”

“Electronic music is perhaps the only genre – with the exception of 'pure' classical music – that can communicate universally.”

“Every day I paint, and every day I compose music.”

“For every album I’ve ever made, I’ve written many times more music than has actually been released, and the way I choose which music appears is almost totally random, but one thing I have never done is to make music for the sake of commercialism.”

“High volume levels cause less harm than the awkward arrangement of sounds. Assuming that the sound is a wave: if this wave is not balanced by itself, it causes great damage when it enters the ear. I have tested this on a few people in my studio. I made them listen to two tracks. The first track was considered too loud, whereas the second track was actually louder but more balanced.”

“I absolutely respect and I believe I serve music.”

“I am merely a conduit, a kind of big hairy tool. I am just a plastic funnel connected to a Moog.”

“I believe that our existence is first cosmic, then biological and then social.”

“I do not consider myself a musician, rather a radar ready to pick up the symphonies coming from the sky. It's been like that since I was four years old and I hope it will continue forever. When I compose, any ingredient can be good, the problem lies in the proportions that must be harmonized. It's like the work of architects, you never invent anything.”

“I enjoy working alone. I know myself, and I know what I want and all this allows me to create my music before my thoughts can interrupt.”

“I function as a channel through which music emerges from the chaos of noise.”

“I prefer to have the music as pure as possible.”

“I see the crisis like a theatrical play that concerns the world.”

“I started at the piano at the age of 4.”

“I think it was inevitable that I get into synthesizer music. I always wanted to deal with sound more than anything else. I couldn't get the sounds I wanted out of the piano.”

“I understand the world through music and I believe that music shapes the universe.”

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“I'm from the street university
Where we learn to earn even in times of adversity.
And always find the easy way out of a hard time
Petty crime sometimes.”

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“I was under the impression that in order to be alive and to be able to create what I had in mind I had to become successful. I realised that success and pure creativity are not very compatible.”

“I'm a composer. I know nothing about money and commercial stuff. I just write music.”

“I've been composing and performing for as long as I can remember.”

“I’d really like to do some concerts of completely improvised music, but one of the reasons for doing a concert is to experience the enjoyment of the people there, so you have to include excerpts of music from previous albums because they want to hear something they already know and like. There’s nothing wrong with limiting your spontaneous playing to just improvising around old themes, but what is wrong is playing a concert solely to promote a certain record. I’ve never done a concert tour just to promote Heaven and Hell or Chariots or anything like that. That sort of thing seems pointless to me.”

“If I've made money from music, it was never my aim to do that. I didn't do it to become famous. I absolutely respect and I believe I serve music.”

“If you look for truth, you have to be courageous.”

“It's a game. What you read is not what's happening. The whole planet is in trouble for the same reason.”

“It’s important not to become obsessed with technology. You’ve got to remember that however a sound is generated — acoustically, electronically digitally – it’s still just a sound, a part of nature.”

“Knowing the theory does not mean anything. If we theoretically know what a human being is, but someone has never seen one, or if you have never had a relationship with a human being, you cannot know anything about human beings! I think that the best way to gain knowledge is through gaining experience and through connections.”

“Music for me is life, I stay in my studio until ten or eleven at night and I record every day. Not for money or for albums – I just compose music.”

“Music is a language. It's a memory of the cosmic system, a memory of past and future. Above all it's science not entertainment.”

“Music is science more than art, and it is the main code of the universe.”

“Music is the most multi-dimensional knowledge we have. It's as specific as nature can be. Any form nature takes contains a specific sound combination.”

“Music without lyrics travels more easily and may be biologically conceived and received.”

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“The more I come to understand music, the more I feel like a numbskull because there is always more to learn.”

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