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Who is Victoria Woodhull?

Victoria Claflin Woodhull was an American leader of the women's suffrage movement.

Born September 23, 1838
Died June 09, 1927

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“I am a free lover. I have an inalienable, constitutional and natural right to love whom I may, to love as long or short a period as I can; to change that love every day if I please.”

“I endeavor to make the most of everything.”

“I shall not change my course because those who assume to be better than I desire it.”

“If Congress refuse to listen to and grant what women ask, there is but one course left then to pursue. What is there left for women to do but to become the mothers of the future government?”

“No man who respects his mother or loves his sister, can speak disparagingly of any woman; however low she may seem to have sunk, she is still a woman. I want every man to remember this. Every woman is, or, at some time, has been a sister or daughter.”

“The uses of government should be to foster, protect and promote the possession of equality.”

“There is something wrong with a government that makes women the legal property of their husbands. The whole system needs changing, but men will never make the changes. They have too much to lose.”

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“Women have every right; they just have to excercise them.”

A Speech on the Great Social Problem of Labor & Capital Quotes

“The sin of all time has been the exercise of assumed powers. This is the essence of tyranny.”

A Speech on the Great Social Problem of Labor & Capital

A Speech on the Impending Revolution Quotes

“It is not great wealth in a few individuals that proves a country is prosperous, but great general wealth evenly distributed among the people.”

A Speech on the Impending Revolution

The Origin, Tendencies and Principles of Government Quotes

“While others prayed for the good time coming, I worked for it.”

The Origin, Tendencies and Principles of Government

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