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“A working woman could save a few shillings a week, and then every five weeks she'd come in and we'd cut her hair. She could shampoo it under the shower, swing it and dry it off or just let it dry by itself. It changed the lives of many young girls who'd never had the opportunity to be styled like that before.”

“As stylists, we're groundshakers and daymakers. I was always in hair.”

“Beauty is the passionate and positive expression of the complete self.”

“Everything about morality and obligations I owe to football.”

“For me the working of hair is architecture with a human element.”

“For nine years I worked to change what was hairdressing then into a geometric art form with color, perm without setting which had never been done before.”

“Hair excited me. As the old ways – backcombing, rollers and rigidity – went out of the window, I started to feel the possibilities in front of my eyes.”

“Hair is another name for sex.”

“Hairdressers are a wonderful breed. You work one-on-one with another human being and the object is to make them feel so much better and to look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye.”

“Hairdressing in general hasn't been given the kudos it deserves. It's not recognised by enough people as a worthy craft.”

“I came home after a year and although my profession was only hairdressing, I knew I could change it.”

“I don't sort of sit in a chair and pompously feel proud of myself about all the things we might have accomplished.”

“I got a telegraph from my mother who said that my step-father had had a heart attack, come home and earn a living. So I went back to England and the only thing I knew to earn any cash was through hairdressing.”

“I just consider being one of the luckiest people in the sense that creativity came to me and it flowed.”

“I think that as good architecture enhances a city, a good cut enhances the definition and expression of a face.”

“I was a bit of a rebel.”

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“I was all about my thoughts, my work, my inspiration. I was always in hair.”

“I was born in 1928 and by 1931 the Depression was beginning to mount.”

“I'll never forget one morning I walked in and I had a hell of a bruise – it had been a difficult night the night before – and a client said to me, 'Good God, Vidal, what happened to your face?' And I said, 'Oh, nothing, madam, I just fell over a hairpin.'”

“If someone were to ask me, 'What's the number one thing, in essence, that you left behind?' it was the teaching of others, so that they could take my work and take it further.”

“If you don't look good, we don't look good.”

“If you get hold of a head of hair on somebody you've never seen before, cut beautiful shapes, cut beautiful architectural angles and she walks out looking so different – I think that's masterful.”

“If you have a sense of style and purpose and will you don't want to compromise.”

“If you just do something, then you're a five-year wonder and, goodbye, you're gone. But if people feel it's worthwhile, not only do they copy but they want to learn how to do it To me, that's what it's all about. If someone were to ask me, 'What's the number one thing, in essence, that you left behind?' It was the teaching of others so that they could take my work and take it further.”

“It's hard to give advice. There are so many people, how do you give major advice to a group of people, it's very presumptuous.”

“It's not recognized by enough people as a worthy craft.”

“It's okay saying sorry, but when you are drunk you say what you really feel.”

“Judaism is important to me from a tribal point of view.”

“Like most ghetto kids I knew it was important to be 'somebody' so I became a good soccer player, because excelling at a sport seemed to make you special.”

“Mary Quant is my favourite fashion designer.”

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