W. Chan Kim Quotes

Best 6 Quotes by W. Chan Kim

“Create. Don't compete.”

Blue Ocean Shift Quotes

“Blue ocean shift is a systematic process to move your organization from cutthroat markets with bloody competition—what we think of as red oceans full of sharks—to wide-open blue oceans, or new markets devoid of competition, in a way that brings your people along.”

Blue Ocean Shift

“We call this atomization after Einstein’s reflection that if you deconstruct any challenge into its basic components, or atoms, and focus on solving them one at a time, even the largest challenge shifts from being overwhelming to being intellectually and psychologically solvable.”

Blue Ocean Shift

Blue Ocean Strategy Quotes

“Disengaged employees are an unfortunate reality in the workplace, and poor leadership is often to blame.”

Blue Ocean Strategy

“Salespeople on commission, for example, are seldom sensitive to the costs of the sales they produce.”

Blue Ocean Strategy

“The cost and risk of developing an innovative idea are borne by the initiator, not the follower.”

Blue Ocean Strategy

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