Warren Zevon Quotes

Best 20 Quotes by Warren Zevon

“All I can say is what I've always said: If you break your leg, stop thinking about dancing and start decorating the cast.”

“And if California slides into the ocean, as the mystics and statistics say it will, I predict this hotel will be standing until I've paid my bill.”

“Dylan doesn't have to make 'Blonde On Blonde' every time.”

“Enjoy every sandwich.”

“I don't get depressed and I don't get bored.”

“I don't learn so good, no matter how good the teacher is.”

“I don't like piano solos.”

“I got to be Jim Morrison a lot longer than he did.”

“I like wherever I am. That's my big secret.”

“I might have made a tactical error not going to a physician for 20 years. It was one of those phobias that didn't pay off.”

“I wrote my songs despite the fact that I was a drunk, not because of it.”

“I'll sleep when I'm dead.”

“I'm not a big jazz fan.”

“If you won't leave me, I'll find someone who will.”

“Regrets are so far from reality.”

“There's nothing romantic, nothing grand, nothing heroic, nothing brave, nothing like that about drinking. It's a real coward's death.”

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“I'm very well acquainted with the seven deadly sins, I keep a busy schedule trying to fit them in.”

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You can't start it like a car.
You can't stop it with a gun.”

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“When I was young, times were hard. When I got older it was worse.”

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