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Best 30 Quotes by Wes Watson

“A man’s world will be right if he is right. Follow your moral compass and obey your conscience. Your people are counting on you to be the best you can be.”

“A negative mindset during times of adversity blocks the retention of wisdom from much needed life events.”

“Alignment is crucial! True alignment is achieved via the simplification of your ideas and actions. Being aware when you wake up so that any previous traumas or future worries do not disturb the quality of your day.

This is the polar opposite of 'being present', and it is the primary reason why so many people fail to remain on track with their actual calling.”

“All of the seemingly insignificant steps – the smallest ones – are what will ultimately create the beast you become who cannot be stopped – by choice – or the 'blame game' bitch who cannot envision his path simply from lack of follow through! Once again, by choice. Always by your choice.”

“Be honest with yourself and do what’s needed to become who you truly admire in all ways.”

“Be truthful to yourself and do what it takes to become the person you genuinely adore in every manner.”

“Fact is, all of your answers come from within but most people have so much blocking their minds from receiving them that achieving greatness or any level of success in whatever area of life you’re seeking seems out of reach.”

“Get off your behind and build that person you can be proud of right now! That m*therf*cker who demonstrates to everyone around him that life is about giving it your all in whatever you do!”

“I constantly repeat that living in a conscious consistent manner is the key, but most people miss this notion by trying too hard to control their life and their course, rather than regulating their character and making changes in the moment by pure intuition.

Moment by moment, cultivating a thankful mind means strengthening yourself inside and outwardly with every response and reaction you give to what life throws at you. Only when we choose to have a breakdown in character or depart from our conscience’s guidelines are we punished in this world.

Strive to develop perfect character and trust that you are where you are in life for a reason.”

“If a man is right his world will be right. Obey your conscience and follow your moral compass. Your people need the absolute best you.”

“No matter how terrible it is, what you’re going through right now is necessary. It may be used to increase your internal fortitude. Use it to develop a patient, loving, and steadfast guy who will never f*ck with you.”

“Nothing is happening to you; only for you. All seemingly negative external events are nothing but stepping stones of creation that provide you with the tools you will need to become all you’re meant to be in this life.”

“Science says you're a b*tch!”

“Stop the overthinking. Plan a simple day and pull it off with perfection then gradually increase daily variables as each are fully mastered.”

“The only thing that I’m impressed by anymore is when someone starts something and never looks the f*ck back! This is the definition of true strength!

Because there is no f*cking end to this. That is someone you want on your side. Unbreakable character starts with integrity. Get the f*ck up and go!”

“There is no greater feeling on this earth than when you can take a broken individual under your wing and give them their power back.”

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“Self-confidence is really self-trust.”

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“There is no secret to this. Be honest: what do you respect? Be that. What is hard for you? Do that. Simple yet significant.”

“We don’t rise to our goals, we fall to the strength and comprehension of our system. We must clarify and strengthen our system through repetition. Sitting, waiting, and regretting is much harder than doing.”

“What you’re going through right now is needed no matter how difficult it is. Use it to heighten your internal fortitude. Use it to create that patient, loving, solid man who will never f*cking tap.”

“Work and sacrifice is not a man’s punishment. It is his reward, his strength and his pleasure.”

“Your conscience is the voice of the universe guiding you through life. This is not a ‘what if.’ It’s the path you must walk to live at your highest potential!”

“Your new life is gonna cost you your old one, m*therf*cker.”

“Your view of the world is your confession of character.”

Dropping Bombs Podcast Quotes

“Boredom leads to desire and leads to vices.”

Dropping Bombs Podcast

“Drinking is escaping reality. These people don't want to be themselves.”

Dropping Bombs Podcast

“I live a life that I like to live.”

Dropping Bombs Podcast

“Life is about being and becoming.”

Dropping Bombs Podcast

“You're only bored in life when you're not on your purpose.”

Dropping Bombs Podcast

Non Negotiable Quotes

“The man who takes more pride in the steps to attain the result than the result itself cannot be stopped. The work truly instills the worth.”

Non Negotiable

“The only thing that gives you confidence is the work you put in. Your self-worth is directly correlated to your self-investment.”

Non Negotiable

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“How long will you wait before you demand the best of yourself, and trust reason to determine what is best?”

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