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Who is William Penn?

William Penn was an English real estate developer, philosopher, Quaker and founder of Pennsylvania.

Born October 14, 1644
Died July 30, 1718

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Best 11 Quotes by William Penn

“Avoid popularity; it has many snares, and no real benefit.”

“Humility and knowledge in poor clothes excel pride and ignorance in costly attire.”

“Knowledge is the treasure of a wise man.”

“Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants.”

“Only trust thyself, and another shall not betray thee.”

“Patience and diligence, like faith, remove mountains.”

“The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.”

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“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”

“True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.”

“We pass through this world but once, so do now any good you can do, and show now any kindness you can show, for we shall not pass this way again.”

“Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.”

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“To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to change often.”

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