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“Desire firmly, confident, and earnestly. Be not half-hearted in your demands and desires – claim and demand the whole thing, and feel confident that it will work out into material objectivity and reality.

Think of it, dream of it, and always long for it – you must learn to want it the worst way – learn to want it hard enough. You can attain and obtain many things by 'wanting them hard enough' – the trouble is with most of us that we do not want things hard enough – we mistake vague cravings and wished for earnest, longing, demanding Desire and Want.

Get to Desire and Demand the Thing just as you demand and Desire your daily meals. That is wanting it the worst way. This is merely a hint – surely.”

“Go through the world with the grace of God in your heart, and a good, strong hickory club in your hand.”

“Intellect is cold. Spiritual Consciousness is warm and alive with high feeling.”

“Life is absolutely dependent upon the act of breathing.”

“Permit each man to think according to his light.”

“The occultist knows that this thought-atmosphere of a village, town, city, or nation is the composite thought of those dwelling in it or who have previously dwelt there”

A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga Quotes

“Before man attempts to solve the secrets of the Universe without, he should master the Universe within — the Kingdom of the Self.”

A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga

“Divorce the idea of your being a physical being, and realize that you are above body. But do not let this conception and realization cause you to ignore the body.

You must regard the body as the Temple of the Spirit, and care for it, and make it a fit habitation.”

A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga

“That which is the Real Self of Man is the Divine Spark sent forth from the Sacred Flame.”

A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga

Auric Colors and Their Meanings Quotes

“Black: represents hatred, malice, revenge, and similar feelings.”

Auric Colors and Their Meanings

“Blue: of a dark shade, represents religious thought, emotion, and feeling.

This color, however, varies in clearness according to the degree of unselfishness manifest in the religious conception. The shades and degrees of clearness vary from a dull indigo to.”

Auric Colors and Their Meanings

“Brown: of a reddish tinge, represents avarice and greed.”

Auric Colors and Their Meanings

“Crimson: represents love, varying in shade according to the character of the passion.

A gross sensual love will be a dull and heavy crimson, while one mixed with higher feelings will appear in lighter and more pleasing shades.

A very high form of love shows a color almost approaching a beautiful rose color.”

Auric Colors and Their Meanings

“Gray: of a bright shade, represents selfishness.

Gray: of a peculiar shade (almost that of a corpse), represents fear and terror.

Gray: of a dark shade, represents depression and melancholy.”

Auric Colors and Their Meanings

“Green: of a dirty shade, represents jealousy. If much anger is mingled with the jealousy, it will appear as red flashes on the green background.

Green: of almost a slate color shade, represents low deceit.

Green: of a peculiar bright shade, represents tolerance to the opinions and beliefs of others, easy adjustment to changing conditions, adaptability, tact, politeness, worldly wisdom, etc., and qualities which some might possibly consider 'refined deceit'.”

Auric Colors and Their Meanings

“Light Blue: of a peculiarly clear and luminous shade, represents spirituality.

Some of the higher degrees of spirituality observed in ordinary mankind show themselves in this shade of blue filled with luminous bright points, sparkling and twinkling like stars on a clear winter night.”

Auric Colors and Their Meanings

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“The symbol of Spiritual Initiation is complex in meaning. It means literally, "I have pierced the illusions of matter, and I am conscious that I am Divine."

The seven stars represent the seven Principles of Nature. The serpent represents the objective phenomena of life.

And the arrow piercing the serpent represents the human soul which is conscious of its origin, power and destiny.”

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“Orange: of a bright shade, represents pride and ambition.”

Auric Colors and Their Meanings

“Red: of a shade resembling the dull flame when it bursts out of a burning building, mingled with the smoke, represents sensuality and the animal passions.

Red: seen in the shape of bright red flashes resembling the lightning flash in shape, indicates anger.

These are usually shown on a black background in the case of anger arising from hatred or malice, but in cases of anger arising from jealousy they appear on a greenish background.

Anger arising from indignation or defense of a supposed 'right', lacks these backgrounds, and usually shows as red flashes independent of a background.”

Auric Colors and Their Meanings

“Yellow: in its various shades, represents intellectual power.

If the intellect contents itself with things of a low order, the shade is a dark, dull yellow; and as the field of the intellect rises to higher levels, the color grows brighter and clearer, a beautiful golden yellow betokening great intellectual attainment, broad and brilliant reasoning, etc. a beautiful rich violet, the latter representing the highest religious feeling.”

Auric Colors and Their Meanings

Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism Quotes

“Accept nothing as final until you have proven it; but, if you are wise, you will profit by the advice and experience of those who have gone before.”

Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism

“That Intelligence, the manifestation of which we call 'Nature' or 'The Life Principle', and similar names, is constantly on the alert to repair damage, heal wounds, knit together broken bones; to throw off harmful materials which have accumulated in the system; and in thousands of ways to keep the machine in good running order.”

Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism

Memory Quotes

“A character retaining a feeble hold of bitter experience, or genuine delight, and unable to revive afterwards the impression of the time is in reality the victim of an intellectual weakness.”


“A man's real possession is his memory; in nothing else is he rich; in nothing else is he poor.”


“All persons ought to practice their visualizing power. This will react upon perception and make it more definite.

Visualizing will also form a brain habit of remembering things pictorially, and hence more exactly.”


“Endeavor to link by some thought relation each new mental acquisition to an old one.

Bind new facts to other facts by relations of similarity, cause and effect, whole and part, or by any logical relation, and we shall find that when an idea occurs to us, a host of related ideas will flow into the mind.”


“If every sensation, thought, or emotion passed entirely from the mind the moment it ceased to be present, then it would be as if it had not been; and it could not be recognized or named should it happen to return.

Such one would not only be without knowledge – without experience gathered from the past – but without purpose, aim, or plan regarding the future, for these imply knowledge and require memory.”


“The essence of genius is to present an old thing in new ways, whether it be some force in nature or some aspect of humanity.”


“The great art of memory is attention. Inattentive people have always bad memories.”


“We remember because we cannot help it but we recollect only through positive effort.”


Mind Power Quotes

“All my investigations have led me away from the idea of a dead material universe tossed about by various forces, to that of a universe which is absolutely all force, life, soul, thought, or whatever name we choose to call it.

Every atom, molecule, plant, animal or planet, is only an aggregation of organized unit forces held in place by stronger forces, thus holding them for a time latent, though teeming with inconceivable power.

All life on our planet is, so to speak, just on the outer fringe of this infinite ocean of force. The universe is not half dead, but all alive.”

Mind Power

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“Dreams which give warning of impending danger; dreams which demonstrate the fact of communion with friends at a distance; dreams which solve problems far beyond the objective or normal capacity of the dreamer, are among the phenomena which point clearly to a consciousness distinct from and independent of his normal consciousness, and possessing a power of perception of truth which reaches out far beyond the range of the objective senses.”

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