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Who is Winona Ryder?

Winona Ryder is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in Edward Scissorhands, Beetjeluice, Girl Interrupted and Stranger Things.

Born October 29, 1971
Age 51 years old

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“As a teenager, I worked on Indian reservations, and it was such an incredible culture: the elders are so respected.”

“But I've always felt a need to have a life which is completely separate – at least as far as possible – from the kind of illusory lifestyle that comes with being a celebrity.”

“Honestly, if it wasn't for 'Beetlejuice,' where would I be? That movie was a big thing for me.”

“I am not a person who can really sit around and think about regrets because with every bad experience that you have, there is weirdly something good that comes from it.”

“I binge-watched this show 'Damages.' Glenn Close and Rose Byrne are so good. Lily Tomlin is in it. You see all these great actors, and the writing is terrific. There are a lot of shows like that.”

“I did 'Beetlejuice,' and it was a big movie, but it didn't help my high-school experience. In fact, it made it worse. I was a freak and a witch.”

“I don't believe I am influencing anybody but myself.”

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“I don't hang out with agents and producers and I'm not into the business side at all.”

“I feel a little stronger than people perceive me.”

“I feel my best when I'm happy.”

“I have this sense that I didn't really start growing up until my twenties.”

“I love books and going to bookstores. My favorite sound is the sound of the needle hitting the record.”

“I love getting older. I think it has to do with always being the kid on set.”

“I remember when I was about 18, Sean Penn made a bet with me. He had just directed his first movie, and he's like, 'By the time you're 30, I will bet you $500 that you'll be sick of acting.' I'm still waiting to collect, because I'm not.”

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“I wanted to be just a normal girl flirting with a normal guy. It's like, you meet people, and they know this stuff about you. It's why you want to meet somebody who's in the same business, only because they understand more. But you don't necessarily want to be with another actor.”

“I was inspired by lots of people, certainly in acting and in writing and stuff, but I never wanted to be somebody else.”

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“Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from.”

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“I was regarded as the school freak which further reinforced a lot of inhibitions and doubts I had about myself. I was a shy, frightened teenager for a long time.”

“I was single for a while and dating and... I just didn't know how to do it! I've always been like that: when I was 15, there was a guy I liked, and we made out, and I thought that meant he was my boyfriend.”

“I was very lucky because Tim Burton really gave me a career. I don't think Hollywood would've known what to do with me. If I hadn't done 'Beetlejuice,' I think I would've just gone back to my school.”

“I went from weirdo teenager to pixie waif to them not knowing what the hell to do with me.”

“I would have to say 'The Crucible' stands out because it was one of the best experiences I've ever had, but, you know, Arthur Miller being present on the set – which was wonderful and incredible – but, to have him in your eye line is quite intimidating. It's such a beautiful language he created, so that was challenging but exciting.”

“I would love to someday do a play. I did one when I was very young in San Francisco, where I grew up. A girl can dream.”

“I would never give advice, because I would feel very presumptuous.”

“I'd rather never have been married than been divorced a few times. Not that there's anything wrong with divorce, but I don't think I could do it if that was a possibility.”

“I'm getting asked a lot, 'You don't have kids, so how do you know how to act like a mother?' I know nothing could compare, and I haven't had that experience, but when my niece was born, I felt like I would jump in front of a car and die for this little person I didn't even know yet.”

“I'm not into older guys. To tell you the truth, Richard Gere is not the sexiest man alive, in my book.”

“I'm not someone like Norma Desmond who's harking back to her younger days.”

“I've been embracing aging. I always have, since I was a kid. When you're the kid on the set for so long, you just, like, daydream about being older.”

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“I've learned that it's OK to be flawed.”

“I've loved making movies. I feel like I've been so lucky because I've gotten to be in movies that are some of my favorites, regardless of my being in them – like 'Heathers.”

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“It took me so many years to move out. I'm definitely a bit of a Peter Pan, reluctant to grow up. It all seemed really nice at home – why change it? Part of me would prefer not to have any responsibility whatsoever.”

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