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“A mindset shift that made selling products and services easier for me:

If I genuinely believe the product or service I'm selling offers a massive return for someone, I'd be doing a disservice to people by not promoting it.”

“Advice to my younger self: having freedom over your time will make you happier than any material possession.”

“An open office space is horrible for productivity, but great for camaraderie.”

“An SEO-optimized article a day keeps the 9-5 away.”

“Be impatient in the short-term and patient in the long-term.

Most people get this backwards. They're too slow to take action in the short-term, yet they expect results right away.

You should take action consistently each day, but don't expect results for months or years.”

“Become financially independent not to avoid work, but to have the means to work on whatever you want for as many hours as you want each day.”

“Being an entrepreneur means there is no benefit to appearing busy. There's no boss to impress. You are the boss.”

“Corporate culture can turn interesting work into a nightmare.”

“Enjoyable Active Income: income resulting from active work that an individual finds enjoyable.”

“Having the freedom to sit in a field and read a book on a Tuesday at noon feels better than any fancy job title ever did.”

“How to print money with SEO:

1. Find low-difficulty keywords.
2. Write articles targeting those keywords.
3. Place ads on site.

Repeat over and over and over.”

“I can’t imagine enjoying any corporate job. No matter how much I like the work itself, the environment and daily schedule is just too awful.”

“I have a massive Excel spreadsheet with 3,000+ low difficulty keywords I plan on writing about in the coming months and years.

The amount of keywords out there on the internet that you can rank for with even a low authority site is mind-boggling.”

“I love being a solopreneur.

No boss telling me what to do.
No co-workers to align schedules with.
Nobody to manage.
Zero time spent in meetings and responding to emails.
Just pure productivity.”

“I've reached a point financially where no annual salary could ever draw me back to Corporate America.”

“If I ever write a book on wealth accumulation, it will start with the following sentence:

The number one reason to become wealthy is to own your time.”

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“You are at the center of your experience, and you are responsible for it.”

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“If it doesn’t pay you over and over again, don’t work on it.”

“If you can gain autonomy, you give yourself far more freedom to pursue competence and relatedness.”

“If you have knowledge in a subject that most people are intimidated by, you can use that knowledge to earn some serious income.”

“In many fields, it's easy to replicate the 'day in the life' routine of someone in the top 1% of the field.

The hard part is replicating it for years.”

“It's hard to overstate how much joy I've gained from removing a daily commute and team meetings from my work life.”

“Learning SEO is easy.
What's hard is:

(1) Consistently producing well-written articles.
(2) Being patient enough to wait for results.

Every single person I know who has had success with SEO has been excellent at (1) and (2).”

“Learning SEO is not hard.

What's hard is writing articles consistently for long enough that you give SEO a chance to kick in and work its magic.

Most people lack consistency.”

“Many people I know in real life think it's impossible to earn $10k/ month.

Many people I know online know that $10k/month is just the tip of the iceberg.

Surround yourself with an internet tribe where huge $$$ income is normal.”

“Most people are capable of building a website that could change their entire financial life in ~2 years but 99% will quit after 2-3 months.”

“Most self-help books can be boiled down to:

Be impatient with action, but patient with results.”

“My daily work schedule hasn't changed in 3 years.

Literally all I do is sit and write SEO-optimized articles for 4 hours each morning.

This has taken me from $0 MRR to $5k to $10k to $20k and beyond.

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.”

“My financial objectives (in order):

1. Make a ton of money.
2. Provide for my family.
3. Help extended family and friends.
4. Give back to community.”

“One year of working for yourself can make you unemployable.”

“Prioritize health, wealth, and family. Everything else is noise.”

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“I used to say that I had several things in the fire and one would catch. It never happened; it doesn't work like that.”

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